Curriculm Vitae

Strateegic Apparel

Antonia Fiber: Director of Everything 

Personal Objective: 

As a mumtreprenuer 🙋, I am striving to set up a sustainable and scaleable business 📈with the over-arching objective of empowering 👊 kids, making a positive impact on the environment 🌳, and creating inspiring high quality products that bring a smile 😃. 

My light bulb💡moment for Strateegic came when I was role-playing with my daughter, attempting to teach her the difference between how she is perceived when she is confident 😀versus when she is shy😔. Fast forward a few months and she was teaching me to be confident 😂. I captured the moment on video and shared it with my sister who made us t-shirts that said "Be Confident Baby".  I found it so funny for my daughter to be wearing a t-shirt with this very adult statement on it and I began to think of other interesting ways to express this...out came "Strategic Thinker".... 

Work History & Profile: 

  • 🇬🇧 London-based ex pat 🇺🇸
  • Full-time (hard) working mum @ leading tech company 💻
  • Mum and step-mum 👩‍
  • Fashion lover 👗👠👖👓👜
  • Passionate about environmental causes and sustainability 🌳
  • MBA graduate 💡📓
  • Former singer-songwriter  🎸🎹🎤


  • Excel (mediocre) 📈
  • Keynote 📊 (can get by) 
  • Fluent in English speaking and writing 📖 
  • Minor fluency in Spanish and Hungarian 

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Running and going to gym 🏊‍ (when I can find time)
  • Spending time with friends and family 👌(anyone want to talk about t-shirts??)
  • Spending 💷💰I don’t have (because surely i'll make it back??)